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Before every Primary and General Election the League of Women Voters publishes Voters' Guides with questions answered by candidates in their own words as well as other resources to help voters make informed decisions. 

2018 General Election resources included Prince George's County Council Ballot Questions A-K details:


  • Prince George's County Council released (10/15/18) the following Ballot Questions Details:

    The first set of questions the County Council placed on the General Election ballot are for voters to approve the County to issue bonds. Section 323 of the Prince George's County Charter provides that the County may issue bonds, but the issuance of bonds pursuant to Section 823 of the Charter shall be referred to referendum of the voters. 
    The second set of questions the County Council placed on the ballot are recommended amendments to the Prince George's County Charter. Section 1106 of the Charter provides that the County Council and County Executive shall appoint, by resolution, a Charter Review Commission. The purpose of the Charter Review Commission is to undertake a comprehensive study of the Charter and recommend appropriate changes. 
    The 2018 Charter Review Commission met six times between January and March 2018 and submitted a formal report to the Council. The County Council reviewed the charter recommendations and initiated legislation to place several of these recommendations on the General Election ballot.

    Question A Charter Referendum (CB-30-2018) Public Works and Transportation Facilities Bonds AN ACT enabling the County to borrow money and issue bonds in an amount not exceeding $148,287,000 to finance the design, construction, reconstruction, extension, acquisition, improvement, enlargement, alteration, renovation, relocation, rehabilitation or repair of Public Works and Transportation Facilities (including roads and bridges, parking lots, and maintenance facilities), as defined therein.

    This allows the County to issue bonds for approved items in the Capital Improvement Project budget related to the Department of Public Works and Transportation. Some examples include; emergency road and bridge repair, curb and sidewalk repair, Forestville Road repair, Green Street improvements, ADA improvements, etc.

    Question K Charter Amendment (CB-41-2018) Charter Review Commission - Length of Term To provide for the establishment of a Charter Review Commission, not later than one year prior to the beginning of each fourth year of a term, for the purpose of undertaking a comprehensive study of the Charter and to provide that the Charter Review Commission shall commence its work at the discretion of the Chair of the Commission.

    See Charter Review Commission Report p. 6


The League of Women Voters' non-partisan reputation is attributable to municipalities approaching local leagues to coordinate and/or facilitate their elections.

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